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Checking Account


  • $100.00 minimum to open account

Minimum Daily Balance

Monthly Service Charge

$500.00 and over

No Charge

$400.00 - $499.99


$300.00 - $399.99


Below $300.00


Features & Charges

Statement period


Check printing

Cost varies depending on the style of the checks ordered.

Overdraft Charge

$30.00 per item

Nonsufficent funds (NSF) charge

$30.00 per item

Stop Payment Charge

$22.00 per item

Deposit check return charge (Charge Back)

$3.00 per item

Senior Citizen/Student

No monthly service charge on checking accounts for those customers sixty years of age or older, or full-time students upon proper verification of enrollment (does not apply to interest bearing accounts, bank charges, or check orders.)


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